Deponti Verandas, Gazebos & Glass Rooms

Deponti’s range of luxury veranda, gazebos and glass rooms are a beautiful and stylish way of extending your home into your garden.  They connect the inside to the outside, allowing you to enjoy the garden, shelter from the sun or commune with nature in comfort on a rainy or cold day. These elegant and contemporary structures will enhance both the look and value of your home and are surprisingly affordable.

Made of aluminium, they provide you with a strong and robust construction that will last for many years to come. They require little maintenance and are perfect for easy DIY installation; or if you prefer we can install for you. Bespoke sizes are available and there are multiple options such as side and roof finishes, glass panels and glass sliding doors, all designed to help you tailor-make the structure to create your perfect garden sanctuary.

We are an approved supplier of Deponti veranda, canopy, gazebo and glass rooms within Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Features & Benefits

Example pricing

The Deponti range is extremely configurable with a range of optional extras and accessories. Here are some example prices which are based on 4 x 2.5m size verandas (please note pictures may show a different size veranda).  Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and to receive a no obligation quotation.

Giallo range

The Deponti Giallo veranda has a sleek design, robust look and steel reinforced gutter profile. This extra reinforcement allows the Giallo to be built on just two posts with a span of no less than 6 meters!  It has polycarbonate roofing (opaque or clear sheets) and optional extras include ultra clear or solar control polycarbonate sheets, side gable, painted aluminium or glass side wall, glass sliding doors and LED lighting.

Pigato range

The Pigato is a high-end aluminium veranda with a steel reinforced gutter profile that makes it possible to have a safety glass roofing installed, allowing you to enjoy the trees, birds and stars under your veranda. Choose between round or classic decorative gutter and half round or square posts and optional accessories, such as a side gable, painted aluminium or glass side wall, glass sliding doors or LED lighting. 

Ribolla range

The detached veranda Ribolla is an entirely independent construction so you can enjoy a covered terrace in any place in your garden.  The Ribolla has a flexible configuration, but comes standard with a closed rear wall, one closed side wall or a side wall with an ultra-clear polycarbonate window and one side a post. Other combinations and variants are possible to create your own bespoke building.

Verdeca range

The Verdeca veranda has a canvas folding roof which can be open or closed at the touch of a button. The roof is made of sun-resistant and water-repellent white fabric and has a robust grey aluminium frame. All connective elements are concealed giving this veranda a sleek look and offering perfect visibility. The rain gutter is equipped with an anti-draft system, which prevents wind from entering between the canvas, the rails and the gutter. Optional extras include glass sliding walls and LED lighting.

Pinela range

Durable and sleek, Deponti’s  Pinela veranda features an aluminium louvered roof. A remote control allows you to not only open and close the roof panels, but tilt them to a different position, giving you complete control over the light, shade and the airflow under your roof. The panels are continuously adjustable up to 120 degrees. Thanks to the integrated gutter in the panels, any water accumulation is prevented and dirt is collected. Optional extras include glass sliding walls and LED lighting.

Pinela Deluxe range

The roof panels of stylish Pinela Deluxe can be moved to one side at the push of a button. This gives a completely open space above, allowing you to experience the ultimate outdoor feeling regardless of the weather. The design of the panels is developed using the latest in technology. When closing, the panels press simultaneously on the gasket of the integrated beams, ensuring optimum insulation. Thanks to the integrated gutter in both the roof and the panels, water accumulation is prevented. Optional extras include glass sliding walls and LED lighting.

Fiano range - add glass windows & doors

The Deponti Fiano range allows you to add glass windows and sliding doors, turning your veranda into a luxury garden room you can enjoy all year round.  The glass panels are available in various height and width dimensions and can run in three to six rail tracks. They have no side frames, offering uninterrupted views of your garden.

Other Accessories & Colours

In addition to glass walls and doors, Deponti offer a wide range of options and accessories allowing you to customize your veranda, such as choice of handle types, side gables, LED lighting, glass door weather brushes, glass door followers and heaters.

             Types of Polycarbonate
              – Opal (included in price)
              – Clear (optional)
              – Ultra clear (optional)
              – Solar protected (optional)

                  – Screw-on handle
                  – Adhesive handle round
                  – Adhesive handle oval

                   – Grey texturized (RAL7024) 
                   – Traffic white texturized (RAL9016)
                   – Cream white (RAL9001)

Deponti Pigato veranda up close

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We offer a complete package

The Deponti range is designed with easy DIY installation in mind.  However, if you need some help with installation, basework preparation or removal of any existing structures we are happy to help.   Our professional and complete landscaping service can help with landscaping the entire garden or a new paving area to complement your new Deponti veranda, gazebo or glass room. Please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

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Transform your Garden

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